Mellowhype – Numbers

Artist: Mellowhype
Release Date: October 9, 2012
Label: Odd Future Records, RED
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measured by Jerel Marshall

In the midst of Frank Ocean coming out, Tyler, The Creator’s nonstop outbursts, and Earl Sweatshirt’s brief exile to Samoa there are a few members of the Odd Future collective that don’t get as much spotlight. The rap duo Mellowhype (Hodgy Beats and Left Brain) is a perfect example of this, but Numbers, their major label debut, shows that the pair might not be ready to for the light that has been cast onto some of the more popular members of the L.A based click.

Numbers features Hodgy Beats serving up his usual batch of fast-paced raps over Left Brain’s menacing chords and lo-fi synths. Left Brain lends a helping hand with a few bars and hooks as well.

The album definitely has it’s high points. “65/Breakfast” features Hodgy Beats doing what he does best—effortlessly putting together intricate flows.

“I see nothing sometimes, I see nothing but rhymes/Mental crimes, fulfill the lonely chimes and percussion/Melodies of keys are the remedies of these/The only steeze is the snare blowin’ smoke in the air,” Hodgy raps.

Mellowhype enlisted the help of the Odd Future brethren for a couple of tracks. “Astro” features Frank Ocean, which results in one of the best hooks on the entire project.

“Who gives a flying, floating f*ck what people say, or think/Cuz end of the day, start of the day/They all said we wouldn’t get here anyway/You blink/And Wolf Gang’s in this bitch.”

Another standout track is “P2,” which features Earl Sweatshirt. Earl shines as usual on the mellowest beat on the entire project.

Hodgy Beats’ spastic delivery often times seems like a hand-and-glove fit for Left Brain’s frantic beats. In the past this chemistry has worked out, but this time around the duo might be a bit too comfortable with each other.

“Untitled L” might be one of the worst Mellowhype songs to date. Because of brilliant deliveries, Hodgy Beats may always sound good, but nonsensical content often brings him down.

“It’s like I have eight ligaments the way that I grab checks,” Hodgy raps, but a simple Google search would have revealed that the average human body has about 900 ligaments. Perhaps even more appalling is the uninspired chorus. “Here we, here we, here we f*ckin go/Let them n*ggas know.”

The similar sounding “NFWGJDSH” is another painful listen. Many of the beats on Numbers feature rhythms so complicated that is almost impossible to tap your feet to the beat. It may also be time for Left Brain to invest in a new set of sounds, because much of the production sounds as if it were made on hi little brothers casio.

The basic sounding drums, synths and gun sounds on “NFWGJDSH” have been heard too many times. Mellowhype’s early projects were filled with similar lo-fi sounds but this horse has officially been beat to death.

Numbers is a project that is mediocre at nearly every turn. Left Brain is adept at making beats, and Hodgy Beats is a skilled rapper, but poor execution makes this project one to skip.


Mellowhype - Numbers, 6.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
Posted by Jerel | 13 Oct 2012 | Review

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