Vert – Why? (the Inbox)

Today’s Inbox entry comes from St. Louis representer, Vert. Check out the video for his song “Why?” produced by Doughboy Beatz.


From the minute you press play on a track from Vert there is something distinct happening.  The combination of bass, choir, and synth that a listener would liken to a production of a trap music artist begins and you may feel that you can anticipate the lyrical style and delivery to follow.  But that’s not what happens.  A commanding voice ushers phrases and metaphors that with each bar leaves you saying “…Oh.”

A native of St. Louis, MO, this trend setting entrepreneur aims to utilize the gritty, chest pounding sounds from the likes of producers such as Metro and Be-Bop of 808 Mafia while still challenging us to keep up with his complex word play.  All of this can be summed up. Bass City.

As an introductory course, Vert issues his first ever mixtape The Prerequisite, hosted by world renowed Atlanta-based DJ Holiday, released February 20, 2013.  With production from the likes of Metro, 808 Mafia, and Marvelous J The Prerequisite  is shaping to be the staple mixtape for 2013.  Vert Lymon,  Vert’s second mixtape, is slated to release Summer 2013, and features the new single Check, produced by Be-Bop. Vert Lymon features production from TM88 from 808 Mafia, producer of recent tracks such as Cee-Lo by Future, and Commasby LEP Bogus Boys. Other producers such as Metro Boomin of Karate Chop fame, and Doughboy Beatz handle the bulk of the production.

From here on out, turn the bass up and pay attention…

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